Sage varieties start at $6.00

Crystals start at $2.00

Hand made all natural incense starts at $2.00 each

Tarot decks start at $15.00

Pendulums start at $12.00

Pendulum boards start at $10.00

Cauldrons (cast iron) start at $20.00

Wood and brass incense burners start at $2.00

Singing bowls start at $20.00

Candles prepped and ready for use starting at $8.00

Spiritual tapestries start at $12.00

Hand-carved cedar boxes start at $15.00

Spell jars start at $8.00

Spiritual waters and soaps start at $6.00

Dream catchers start at $3.00

Witch bells start at $15.00

Jewelry starts at $3.00

Hand-made crystal jewelry starts at $7.00

Ghost hunting equipment starts at $35.00

Tarot readings start at $25.00

Personal spiritual cleansing start at $25.00

Spiritual energy home cleansing starts at $225.00

Chakra healing starts at $35.00